I Like Big Leaves and I Cannot Lie

When it comes to arrangements, sometimes less is more. In the case of foliage, I have been fascinated with the idea of single large leaves as floral material. The result is always clean, economical, and always is an eye-catching element of the room.

I really love how simple one leaf or one stem can be yet what a difference it makes. By having the foliage alone in a vase, it allows the colors of the foliage to stand out very well. Some of these examples are practically glowing with that bright green! I suppose it makes sense that when the sun hits the plants, the chlorophyll is working overtime and does in a sense produce a visible result.

How to make this arrangement? Simple

1. Cut leaf or stem

2. Find clear vase

3. Insert leaf or stem


So ridiculously easy. No arranging or layering or blocking or tying required. I can do this. You can do this.

dec06decnews_leaves_pb_lg.jpgTry some variegated philodendron leaves via HGTV for your first project

Large Anthurium Leaves Clear Vase

Anthurium leaves via Sheila Zeller Interiors


Palm frond via Love Design Barbados

diy home statement leaf 2

Monsterosa deliciosa via a pair & a spare

Great Greenery

For something a bit more temperate, you can use hosta leaves in hurricane jars via Better Home & Gardens


Or how about some ferns in an assortment of bottles via homedit?

I tried a very large dock leaf in one of Steven’s vases this past summer and it worked out very well. The thing was massive – about the size of my torso – but was stunning when you first entered the room. I wouldn’t mind trying some Colocasia leaves next year either to give a similar effect.


2 thoughts on “I Like Big Leaves and I Cannot Lie

    1. Thanks Sheila! Your anthurium arrangement was particularly stunning with the thin stems and leaf shape. Keep up the fabulous work 🙂


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