8 Placeholders Inspired by Nature

For some reason, I am obsessed with placeholders.
Never mind the fact that I rarely use them, or the fact that I usually don’t have a firm guest list until an hour before the party starts (“Hey, when does it start? And do I need to bring anything?”) I still think there’s something really cool about having a spot reserve just for you. It really dresses up the occasion and makes it something a little more special.
These placeholders are all also adorable, and not too hard to make. Warning: The following is really Martha-heavy (we are a Martha-worshopping home after all)
Table Topper: In a Nutshell
Walnuts via Martha Stewart
Pear Place Card
Pears via Martha Stewart
Quick Place Card
Getting the idea? Sweetgum via Martha Stewart
Glimmer and Shine
A gilded pumpkin by Martha again via Martha Stewart
Harvest Napkin Ties
Oh. Acorns. Marthamarthamartha via Martha Stewart
Leaf Place Cards
She just can’t help herself, can she? Martha Stewart
The blue-green ribbon is a nice touch. I’d probably go with a more natural pinecone coloring, but this is cute as well. via hgtv
Eeee. Tiny rosemary wreaths via SPOON FORK BACON

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